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  • University bans pro-life

    Herald Scotland

    An anti-abortion group was banned from becoming an official club at Aberdeen University, it was reported in November.

    The student society prevented a pro-life society from affiliating – which means the group cannot access funding to help run events. The Students’ Association has a pro-choice policy which backs ‘free, safe and legal access to abortion’. Under the policy, the association has agreed not to offer any ‘funding, facilitation or platform’ to groups that offer different advice on the issue.

  • Faith schools excel

    The Christian Institute

    League tables published in November show faith schools account for almost half of the top 500 state primary schools in the UK.

    Out of the top 100 state primaries, 48 are faith schools – 19 of them Church of England. The good performance comes in the face of pressure from humanists to end the government funding of faith schools. Faith schools account for just 37% of all primary schools in the UK.