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Casting nets

Three well-known organisations joined forces in a new project in September, in order to train and inspire each and every Christian to share their faith.

Mike Mellor

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Trevor Dickerson

Pocket Testament League and Good News Newspaper linked with Outreach UK to equip and encourage individual Christians, through their local church, to share their faith. Following the launch, Trevor Dickerson (Outreach UK) was asked why ‘Casting Your Nets’ was so needed: ‘So often evangelism has been seen as the domain and priority of the few who are called as evangelists – or for those who seem to have a special gift or certain personality for spreading the gospel. But this is a task in which every single believer needs to be involved, and we have a deep desire to be a support to the local church in order that every Christian can be confident, motivated and engaged in the glorious task of spreading the good news of the gospel message.’