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Tanzania: reformed theology and outreach

Steve Nowak spent September teaching in Utungule Moravian Bible College, teaching church workers, recording sermons for radio broadcasts and distributing Bibles and Christian books to the many people hungry for God’s Word in one province of Tanzania.

Steve Nowak

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The college has 75 students on a three-year course, and Steve taught from 8am to 5pm each day for one week. He has been working with the college since 2009. The uniqueness of Jesus, the doctrines of grace, the destructiveness of the false teachers in Africa, and the need of pastors to have a close personal walk with the Lord and to be filled with the Holy Spirit were taught and discussed in 90-minute sessions through the day. The lively questions and answers at the end of each lecture were encouraging. All the students received a set of five distinctly Reformed and evangelical books in their native language of Swahili, which they read and write a review on before they graduate.