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  • Algeria: on trial

    Barnabas Fund

    Four Christians from the same family are due to appear in court in November on charges of ‘inciting a Muslim to change religion’.

    A 40-year-old Muslim woman whose husband had converted to Christianity filed a complaint against him and against a Christian family, accusing them of ‘pressuring her to become a Christian’. The Christian family had attempted to ease the conflict between the couple. Conversion from Islam is not a criminal offence in Algeria.

  • Canada: female victory?

    The Christian Institute

    A transexual man entered history books as the first male to win a women’s world cycling title in early October.

    The man, who has changed his name to Rachel McKinnon, brought home gold for Canada in the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) Masters Track Cycling World Championships. Bronze medallist of the race, Jennifer Wagner, argued that the race in Los Angeles was ‘definitely NOT fair’.