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Ministry wives in Chesham

The third Ministry Wives Weekend Conference was held on 12-14 October at Chartridge Lodge, Chesham and with its open and friendly atmosphere it has a healthy representation from various church backgrounds including Anglicans, Independents and Baptists.

Denise Gilmour, Holy Redeemer, Streatham

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Talks by Rachel Sloan were a distinct highlight. She gave gripping three talks from Exodus 1-15: ‘Where is God?’; ‘God is Judge’; and ‘God is Rescuer’. In answer to Pharoah’s stubborn refusal: ‘Who is the Lord, that I should obey him and let Israel go?’, God’s swift and decisive response in the ten plagues was seen. Various Egyptian gods were shown up as completely inept against the plagues which attacked their claimed powers. The message was loud and clear to Pharoah that the God of the Israelites is the one true God and brings convenantal rescue. How wonderful to serve under the true God and how terrible to be under his judgment. All the more important, people depend on him to resist thinly-disguised idols that creep into our lives.