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  • Egypt: street funerals

    Morning Star News

    Coptic Christians in various parts of Egypt have been left with no choice but to hold funeral services in the streets because of the closure of their churches, it was reported in mid-September.

    During a street funeral in the village of Dimshau Hashim, in Minya governorate, the houses of Copts came under attack by a mob protesting against Copts gathering to pray in one of the Copt’s homes, since there is no village church.

  • India: few convictions

    World Watch Monitor

    The Odisha state government was denounced in September for failing to follow up on a Supreme Court order to investigate why there have been so few criminal convictions, despite nearly 6,500 arrests, after 100 Christians were killed in an incident in 2008.

    Three hundred churches and 6,000 Christian homes were also attacked, rendering 56,000 people homeless. Only 78 people were convicted over the attacks.