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CBMW: heart and identity

The LGBT issue is beginning to cause difficulties among conservative evangelicals. All say they stand on the Bible and agree that homosexual acts are forbidden by Scripture. Yet two camps are sadly emerging – especially on the back of a US conference called ‘ReVoice’ which took place recently.


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Amanda and Gavin Peacock

There are those who feel that same-sex attraction is something unsought by many. It is not their fault and therefore, while not expressing their attractions outwardly, they must live with it, as it were making a truce with their condition. Others feel that this position involves a compromise. All that does not conform to God’s righteous ways is to be repented of and fought, whether or not we feel it was a deliberate choice on our part. This issue was addressed directly and helpfully at the UK conference of the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, by ex-football star Gavin Peacock, who is now a pastor in Canada.