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The Editorial

Living in exile?

Since 1980, churchgoing has halved in the UK.

In particular, churches are losing the younger generation of millennials. I will leave suggesting the answer to this heartbreaking situation to the upbeat bloggers and strategists who always seem to have ‘the solution’. May the Lord bless them – though I suspect a solution will not be found until we humbly confess to God that we don’t know the answer.

John Benton, Editor

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A new situation

But the fact must be faced that our situation as Christians in the 21st-century Western world is now one of exile. The culture has changed dramatically. It is as if we have lost our country and now live in a foreign land. At the recent Labour Party conference a poster from a women’s group that declared ‘A woman does not have a penis’ caused outrage among men who wish to be viewed as women. In October an Italian scientist at CERN who stated that ‘men invented physics’ was castigated by women’s groups. Even simple facts have no place in a world where subjectivism trumps objective truth. What chance then for the truth of the gospel? The world is upside down - especially ethically. We are very much out of place.