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  • Suicide okay?

    The Christian Institute

    Guernsey will hold a vote on whether or not to legalise assisted suicide in May.

    If the motion is passed by politicians, an 18-month consultation period will then take place on the legal framework. The proposal will allow people to kill themselves with assistance from a doctor, and will ask the Parliament to consider issues such as conscientious objection and a requirement to be terminally ill.

  • Biblical marriage in school

    The Christian Institute

    Church of England schools will promote biblical marriage within Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) lessons, its Chief Education Officer said in mid-March.

    The Revd Nigel Genders’ comments came in a blog post explaining the CofE’s response to the Government’s RSE consultation. Genders said: ‘Healthy relationships and sex are good gifts from God and should bring joy’, affirming that marriage is the context for sexual relationships. He added that abstinence and celibacy should be taught as ‘positive life choices’.