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  • New law

    Turn the Tide

    A campaign was launched in late February to bring about a law to protect religious freedoms in the UK.

    The law would hope to ‘affirm the freedom from being required to support a particular worldview or set of beliefs in order to hold a public sector job; stand for election; work in teaching, healthcare and law; study at university; or give parental care to a child. A review of the supporting literature is on page 5.

  • Wise move?


    A blog post in February reported that a scout leader had his membership removed by the Scouting Association after expressing concerns about anti-Christian bias in the scouting magazine.

    The magazine appeared to be sidelining Christian events in its calendar, and it encouraged groups to meet for celebrations in venues that were not churches in a bid to be more inclusive. In his letter to the editor, he likened the magazine’s photograph of a veiled female Scout leader to ‘Darth Vadar’.