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  • Word and Spirit

    Church Society

    The Fellowship of Word and Spirit conference took place in late January.

    Bible readings were from Johnny Juckes on the opening chapters of 1 Samuel, and from Dave Walker, Jason Ward, and Geoffrey Firth about the missio Dei from the perspectives of God, the world and the church. It was a great encouragement for so many people, patiently and faithfully serving the Lord in the churches where he has placed them, to join together in prayer at many times during the three days.

  • Be reasonable

    Family Education Trust / The Christian Institute

    The Welsh Government’s consultation on proposals to make it a criminal offence for parents to smack their child closes on 2 April.

    A former Children’s Minister admitted that such legislation could lead to a prosecution for forcefully lifting a child up, as the parent could be guilty of ‘battery’. This is despite it being said in the Senedd (National Assembly) in June 2016 that the move wasn’t about ‘legislation to crim-inalise parents’. https://consultations.gov. wales/consultations/legislative-proposal-remove-defence-reasonable-punishment