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  • Algeria: no state approval

    World Watch Monitor

    A church in Algeria’s north-western town of Aïn Turk was closed down by local authorities on 9 November.

    Authorities claimed that the church had been used to ‘illegally print gospels and publications intended for evangelism’. The police notification also stated that the church did not have state approval. But the president of the church group, the Revd Mahmoud Haddad, denied any wrongdoing, saying the justifications for closing the church were ‘unfounded’.

  • Canada: no to adoption

    The Christian Institute

    A Christian couple was reported in mid-November as having been rejected as adoptive parents due to their beliefs about marriage and sexuality.

    Initially approved to become adoptive parents, six months into the process the couple were informed that they had to answer further questions about their beliefs on sexuality. They reiterated their intention to treat the child ‘with unconditional love, respect and compassion, regardless of what the child chose to do, and regardless of the child’s sexual orientation or behaviour’.