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Principal pastor

On 30 September over 300 gathered for the induction of Robert Strivens to the pastorate of Bradford on Avon Baptist Church.

Jeremy Jarvis

Figure Image
Robert and Sarah Strivens

The meeting was chaired by Basil Howlett, from Carey Baptist Church, Reading, a great friend of both Robert and the church.

Jeremy Jarvis gave a warm tribute to the many preachers who had supported the church through seven pastor-less years. Robert then responded and explained the way in which he felt called to move back to pastoral work and away from his responsibilities in the London Seminary. He explained his long-term affection for the church at Bradford on Avon and expressed his appreciation of the manner in which events leading up to the call had been dealt with. He also expressed thanks for the welcome he and Sarah had received from the church.

Bill James preached from 1 Corinthians 3, emphasising the pastor’s responsibility as a servant of God, of the gospel and of the church. Bill, pastor in Leamington Spa for 26 years, is taking up the position vacated by Robert as Principal at London Seminary. The church rejoices in God’s goodness over many years and prays that God will richly bless Robert’s ministry.