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  • Extreme red tape


    An Eastbourne independent school headmaster complained in mid-October about ‘stifling’ health and safety rules and red tape that oblige him to vet, among others, a visiting Church of England bishop for extremism.

    He felt that to comply with government anti-terrorism measures, he had to ask respected senior clergy for advance texts of the sermons they were due to preach at the school. He is also unhappy about other administrative burdens placed on the school by the Prevent strategy.

  • Happy humanist Christmas

    The Christian Institute

    Collecting Christmas gifts for disadvantaged children is an ‘appalling’ promotion of Christianity, a humanist group claimed in the Autumn.

    Humanists UK – also known as the British Humanist Association – warned against a Christian organisation that sends gifts and supplies in shoeboxes to children around the world. This has been an annual complaint by the Association. Humanists UK claimed that donors are often left ‘unaware of these ulterior motives’. The group prepared a template letter for parents to send to schools opposing Operation Christmas Child.