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Drawn to Dunstable

On 14 October, around 180 packed into Dunstable Baptist Church to recognise the induction of Barry King as pastor, and to give thanks to God.

Jonathan Hunt

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Barry is General Secretary of Grace Baptist Partnership, a planting, revitalising and encouraging initiative among the churches, which came into being by the Holy Spirit’s leading after the King family’s move from Arkansas, USA, to London 15 years ago.

Irresistible call

On behalf of the church Ron Shipton gave the history of the call, giving thanks for faithful ministry which had been much appreciated during a long time without a pastor. In giving his testimony about the circumstances leading up to the call, Barry spoke of how the Lord had led him from initial resistance to a place where he was not only able, but also joyfully willing, to accept.

Representatives of many churches were present, among them currently serving pastors and preachers who themselves had been greatly helped by Barry. Ryan King spoke, due to Stuart Olyott being unwell. Those present will remember the boldness and the passion with which he exhorted the church from Ephesians 4 to receive the gift of an imperfect man as pastor, because the gift is given by the perfect man, Jesus Christ, and pastors are given to lead us to Jesus.