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Bibles in China

Tim Grams (President, Biblia Global) By email

In response to the editor’s comments about the need for Bibles in China and the original article by Mr Lafferty, the information presented is the common line of thinking for the large organisations who partner with Amity Press in China (Bibles for China, United Bible Society, etc.), the official state church in China, and some who work in China. However, this is not the only view on the need nor the only accepted view amongst those who work in this area of ministry. I would encourage readers to investigate other perspectives on the need for Bibles in China prayerfully and with an open mind. They will find that there is an entirely opposite view that can be backed up by publicly made-available articles, data, research and ministry professionals. They will find that the actual reality is far from it. Some have described the need for Bibles in China in 2017 as a famine and the fact that the need is not being met as spiritual genocide for the growing China church.