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  • Africa: Study Bible

    African Christian Textbooks

    Earlier this year, Oasis International launched the Africa Study Bible, with notes by more than 300 African pastors and scholars.

    The Study Bible uses the New Living Translation and contains more than 2,600 features casting light on Scripture from an African perspective. Christian ministry African Christian Textbooks is a ‘cornerstone partner for the distribution’, according to Oasis.

  • Algeria: imprisoned

    World Watch Monitor

    A Christian imprisoned in Algeria for three years for ‘insulting Islam and the prophet Muhammad’ in his social media posts received a partial presidential pardon in July.

    Slimane Bouhafs was arrested in July 2016 for posting a message on social media about the light of Jesus overcoming the ‘lie’ of Islam. His sentence of three years imprisonment has been reduced by 16 months, following a partial pardon granted by the Algerian president on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of Algeria’s independence.