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Making the UK totalitarian

Mike Matthews argues that while the diversity agenda is promoted, actual diversity is being suppressed

Mike Matthews

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George Orwell’s books 1984 and Animal Farm warned of totalitarianism. | photo: BBC

Totalitarian changes are being made in the UK.

‘Totalitarianism is a political system in which the state recognises no limits to its authority and strives to regulate every aspect of public and private life wherever feasible, without any respect for human rights.’ (Wikipedia).

Christians seek to honour Christ under whatever system they find themselves: but we must recognise that we live in a country which has the structure of a totalitarian regime, with a godless ideology.

The ideology

For every such regime the rulers are committed to an ideology as if it were absolute truth: they are extremists. Communism, Nazism, radical Islamism and, in modern day Britain ‘liberalism’. It is extremism – in a velvet glove, but concealing an iron fist nevertheless.

‘Liberalism’ is not freedom of speech, but freedom from all restraint for those who wish to impose their ‘freedoms’ on the country: freedom to impose their hedonistic and anti-religious ideology on all others and suppress opposition. Their watchword is ‘toleration’, a truly Orwellian description, for it means those who disagree with their ‘liberal’ views will be forced to tolerate – nay, subscribe to – those views, with no toleration of dissent.

This is not a political issue: all of the current main parties are subscribers to this ideology. There is no effective place for views which run counter to their basic beliefs, and every area of life has been reconstructed on the basis of these new unwritten assumptions.

The infrastructure

Any totalitarian system needs to control all the levers of power, to control minds as well as actions and speech, and those controls are now in place: in Britain we live in a police state. Just as the full horror of Nazi totalitarianism was not revealed until Kristallnacht, the full intolerance of liberalism has yet to show itself: but all the powers are in place.

Each measure is justified with nominally noble aims: fairness, security, enlightenment, etc. – but together they constitute an effective framework for enforcing the ideology of those in power.


Rulers know that control of the education system gives control of the mind of the next generation. Teaching inculcates doctrine, by precept or by example, and imparts a world view. It is therefore inevitable that in this area there is a conflict of ideas. The totalitarian view is that the state is always right and should enforce its view upon the children, rescuing them from the damaging effect of their parents. Education is a key basic component of the totalitarian system.

Enforcement means state control of all education, so a National Curriculum is mandatory for all, reinforcing the ‘liberal’ agenda. Extended to control home tuition and instruction at church, the child must be removed from parents if they are not instilling the ‘correct’ philosophy. No other explanation of origins other than evolution is allowed in education, naturalism being a component of the ‘liberal’ agenda. It is difficult not to see the echoes of Stalin’s regime.

Ofsted ensures compliance with ‘British values’ by means of state approval and funding. Schools once rated ‘excellent’ have been downgraded to ‘failing’ – because they are not implementing this liberal agenda. They have not amended their basis of faith to incorporate the new state religion. This could be described as a process of ‘educational cleansing’.

Indeed the government’s adviser, Dr Louise Casey, has shown that there is a conflict between the equality agenda and traditional religious belief. ‘… it is not OK, the same way it is not OK for Catholic schools to be homophobic and anti gay marriage. That’s not how we bring children up in this country. It’s often veiled as religious conservatism. I have a problem with the expression of religious conservatism because I think often it can be anti-equalities.’


Parliament is controlled by a few individuals. Most current MPs are subscribers to this ‘modern liberalism’, evidenced by their own statements and voting patterns. This ‘liberal’ majority in parliament have enacted a series of laws which effectively mandate liberal views and suppress any dissent.

George Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’ would have been proud of the equality legislation. The effect of the Equality Act 2010 has been to impose the views of a tiny minority on the country as a whole. It has been made illegal to honestly express one’s convictions, and we have a population cowed into silence by the threat of legal sanctions. Even longstanding gay campaigner Peter Tatchell is concerned that the application of the Act in the case of Asher’s Bakery in Northern Ireland is stifling free speech. The only reason this trivial prosecution was brought was because there was a political will to enforce the ‘equality’ agenda.

The Act itself discriminates against those whose religion (a ‘protected characteristic’) is opposed to aspects of it. Same-sex sexual relations and same-sex marriage are ‘protected’, and it therefore becomes illegal to treat these in any way different from heterosexual relationships. This denies many Christians the right to put their convictions into practice, even though the Bible condemns such things. It is clear that the effect of the Act is to suppress some religious views and practice, whilst enforcing acceptance of other views.

This is incipiently totalitarian. In a truly ironic twist, the Act is supposed to promote ‘diversity’, but has the effect of suppressing it.


The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is now the ‘gateway’ to the legal system. The website says: ‘The CPS exists to ensure that wrongdoers are brought to justice, victims of crime are supported and that people feel safer in their communities.’

However, since it decides what cases to prosecute, it clearly fails, as many wrongdoers are not prosecuted because it is not deemed ‘in the public interest’. While this is a sensible provision in principle, it can be used to promote a particular agenda, to protect from prosecution those whom the government wants to shield, and conversely to prosecute those who the government wants to make an example.

The CPS is also able to ‘call in’ and stop private prosecutions. Recently they have prevented doctors being prosecuted for what appears to be illegal actions – abortion on the grounds of gender. There is therefore no way an individual or group can obtain justice if the CPS decide that they don’t want that to happen. ‘Statutory Guidance’, often produced by government departments, is not subject to scrutiny either. If the body producing the guidance has a clearly defined agenda (such as the Equalities Commission) then the ‘guidance’ will be similarly biased – which means it is impossible for an impartial judgment to be arrived at.

Social system

The effect of the liberal agenda is felt everywhere in the social sphere.

It seems that a disproportionate number of children are being placed with same-sex couples, and in some cases ‘religious’ couples are refused adoption. Those who will not subscribe to the same-sex agenda are often considered unsuitable. This is aggressive social engineering with a clear purpose.

Medical staff opposed to abortion find it increasingly difficult to obtain suitable positions. Doctors are obliged to provide contraception to under-age children to enable them to engage in sexual activity, if ‘competent to understand’.

Extremist Disruption Orders could be virtually a ‘carte blanche’ for government to extinguish any remaining semblance of free speech. They indicate the direction in which governments are travelling and their desire for absolute control over our moral outlook.

Media and communications

Views other than those supporting the liberal atheistic viewpoint get little consideration on the BBC and in other media. The things we say to one another over social media in ‘private’ are seized upon. An innocent and seemingly friendly conversation can become the subject of a prosecution for ‘hate speech’, and the adverse publicity can destroy a business. The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act gives government the authority to ‘snoop’ on our phones and our digital conversations. Such things have always been understood to be the tools of a police state, of a totalitarian regime.

Who are the extremists?

The ‘modern liberals’ are the true extremists. Their opponents are willing to co-exist, in a truly pluralist society, but they are not. They believe that their ideology is exclusively correct and they are determined to enforce it upon the nation. Jesus Christ claimed to be ‘the way, the truth, and the life’, but left it to each one of us whether to believe him. Liberalism however claims ‘this is the way, the truth, and the life’, and enforces that belief.

Mike Matthews is a retired architect, living in Wales.