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  • Proud?


    Buses and Underground signs were wrapped in rainbow flags by Transport For London as part of London’s Pride week, in early July.

    50 Santander bikes (formerly Boris bikes) were adorned with the same symbol. Skittles, the sweets known for their ‘rainbow colours’ were produced in totally white packets as ‘only one rainbow deserves to be the centre of attention’. Facebook now issue a rainbow flag as one of seven standard emojis to use to ‘like’ a status.

  • Countering extremism

    The Christian Institute

    Plans for a Counter-Extremism Commission were announced in the Queen’s Speech in early June.

    Free-speech campaigners called for the government to pause its plans and consult widely. The Queen’s Speech did not mention the plans for an Equality Oath, or Ofsted entering Sunday schools and youth clubs. However, the government has continued to advocate both these strands of its counter-extremism strategy.