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London Seminary: a biblical generation

London Seminary, LTS as it was called then, was a very small affair when it began in 1977, the year of Ford Fiestas, Abigail’s Party and the Yorkshire Ripper.

Gary Brady, student 1981–1983, pastor of Childs Hill Baptist Church

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Dr Al Mohler of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary speaking at London Seminary

The Seminary is not large now, but in those 40 years – a whole generation in biblical terms – over 400 men have been trained for pastoral and preaching ministry, the bulk of whom are still ministering today. They work all over the country, from Inverness and Dundee down to Eastbourne and Bournemouth, from Aberystwyth across to East Anglia, in the capital itself and in nations all over the world. More than that, other ventures, such as the John Owen Centre and the newly announced Flourish course for women, have been introduced to support and strengthen the work.