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  • Sunday’s still special

    The Christian Institute

    Councillors voted against increasing Sunday trading in Belfast in May, following concerns that family life would suffer.

    The proposal was rejected by 12 votes to three. DUP, Sinn Féin and the SDLP all opposed the measure in the council vote. Nearly 2,500 individuals and organisations had responded to the consultation. The proposal was to designate Belfast as a ‘holiday resort’ under the Northern Ireland’s Shops Order 1997 and to allow all-day opening on 18 days a year.

  • Ultimate consumerism

    Christian Concern

    A worrying new app has been introduced that allows people who want to have a baby or help others have a baby to meet, it was reported in June.

    Just A Baby works similarly to the dating app Tinder, and allows people to find a surrogate, partner, co-parent, sperm or egg donor, as well as legal and fertility services.