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  • Midwives that kill?

    Christian Concern

    A law professor, granted £500,000 of taxpayers’ money to write a biographical study on the 1967 Abortion Act, suggested in late April that midwives should carry out abortions.

    Sally Sheldon, a professor at the University of Kent, claims that the Act has been misinterpreted in saying that only doctors could perform surgical abortions. She says that allowing nurses and midwives to perform abortions would save the NHS money and speed up services.

  • Social worker criticised

    The Christian Institute

    A social worker who advised a couple against baptising their baby on the grounds it would hinder chances of adoption was criticised by a family court judge in April.

    Judge Richard Scarratt said the comment was ‘regrettable’ and called on Kent County Council (KCC) to launch an inquiry into the incident. KCC apologised, but the judge found the apology to be ‘too late and inadequate’. Social services had originally decided that the 15-month-old boy should be adopted, but agreed he could live with a relative instead.