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  • LIFE grant

    LIFE/The Guardian

    Pro-life charity LIFE welcomed the announcement in early April that it would receive a government grant to help vulnerable women in crisis.

    LIFE said that the £250,000 sum would be used to develop services including housing, practical help, non-directive counselling and life-skills training for pregnant and homeless women. But the charity faced criticism from campaigners and politicians, because the money was raised by tax on women’s sanitary products. They argued that the group shouldn’t receive the grant as it campaigns against abortion.

  • Assisted suicide

    The Christian Institute

    The High Court ruled on 30 March against a man seeking to change the law on assisted suicide.

    Noel Conway, 67, wants doctors to help him commit suicide because of his terminal illness. Pro-life group Care Not Killing welcomed the court’s decision: ‘The current laws on assisted suicide … are simple and clear. They exist to protect those who are sick, elderly, depressed, or disabled from feeling obliged to end their lives.’