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  • Egypt: false imprisonment

    World Watch Monitor

    A 15-year-old Coptic Christian boy was sentenced to 15 years in an Egyptian prison for sexual assault, even though forensic reports showed no evidence of a crime.

    His mother says her son, Fadi, is innocent and was targeted only because her Muslim neighbours, whose eight-year-old son was the alleged victim, ‘don’t like Christians’. The Muslim boy’s grandfather is imam at the local mosque. The family were forced to move home, which itself is a crime against the Egyptian Constitution where Article 63 prohibits arbitrary forced displacement of citizens.

  • India: book tax?

    Write Now

    Theological books for Indian pastors are costing more due to customs charges, it was reported in March.

    Siloam said their books arrived safely, but due to delays and the customs charge on second-hand books and Bibles, the organisation needs to re-think the best way to export valuable Christian books.