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  • Appeal lost

    Christian Concern

    In a legal challenge to the law surrounding end of life issues, campaigners have said they will continue to protect the most vulnerable despite losing an appeal in mid-January.

    Disability campaigners Nikki and Merv Kenward lost an appeal at the Royal Courts of Justice where they were protesting amendments to guidelines which make it less likely that medical staff will be prosecuted for wilfully ending a patient’s life.

  • Cost of justice

    Christian Concern

    On 17 January, an undisclosed settlement was reached on the amount of costs to be paid as a result of the gender abortion case taken up by Aisling Hubert.

    £36,000 costs were awarded against her after she tried to bring two ‘gender-abortion’ doctors to justice. The judge said he could not amend or reduce the costs. Instead a settlement was reached and Aisling now has until 18 August to pay the agreed amount.