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Hear ye!

And lo, in those days, the bishops of the Church of England spake unto their denomination saying: ‘There shalt be no change in our doctrine of marriage; there shalt be no blessing of same sex marriages; we shalt henceforth ask all ordinands (not just the gay ones) questions about their morality; and there shalt be, within that framework, maximum liberty, once we have worked out what that means.’

David Baker, parson of ye churches of East Dean with Friston and Jevington, East Sussex

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Richard Baxter

And behold, some of the party known as the evangelicals rejoiceth, saying: ‘This be alright, then, and much better than we had feared.’ But others of the evangelicals sayeth: ‘This is more unto us such as a curate’s egg, being pleasing in part greatly, but in other parts, it stinketh.’ And yet other evangelicals declareth: ‘The bishops faileth to teach clearly, and, verily, we trusteth not their trajectory.’