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  • Africa: shortages


    Millions in Madagascar, Malawi and Zimbabwe continue to face severe food shortages as a result of drought across the region, it was reported in January.

    People in rural communities were so desperate that they were prepared to risk eating locusts, which are known to be toxic. Young people are collapsing from hunger and exhaustion. Countries with economies that are less robust are suffering greatly due to poor infrastructure and emergency relief processes. The problems are in cities as well as rural areas.

  • Australia: attack thwarted

    Morning Star News

    On 23 December, police in Australia arrested seven suspected Islamic terrorists after thwarting a planned bomb attack on three sites in Melbourne, including St Paul’s Cathedral.

    Some 400 heavily-armed police raided homes in five of Melbourne’s northwestern suburbs. The raids reportedly culminated weeks of intensive investigations and monitoring by Victoria Police, Australian Federal Police and the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation. Police suspected that the attacks were being planned for Christmas Day.