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World News

Beauty from brokenness

One of the two sisters brutally gang-raped by three young Muslim men at gunpoint in Jaranwala, Pakistan, during November 2014, was married to a loving Christian husband on 20 December 2016.

British Pakistani Christian Association

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Emotions at the wedding

In a country where perceived dishonour and shame can destroy lives and make pariahs of rape victims, young Sehrish has found a husband who totally adores her and has been welcomed into a family of committed Christians. Her husband and his family accept her innocence and the restoration of her body through the healing spirit of Christ. Her new husband and his brothers are all ushers at their local church and Sehrish’s mother-in-law is a key figure in the women’s ministry at her church.

Better than imagined

Sehrish’s husband is a qualified accountant and will be able to sustain a much better life for them than she ever thought possible when she was living in rural Jaranwala. God has been extremely gracious in her life and her relocation to the city through support of the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) under God's direction has helped her reach this position. Sehrish is looking forward to getting actively involved with her new church.

Her new husband was described by a BPCA lead worker in Pakistan as ‘worth more than gold, a man of good spirit who battles pride with truth and who will be a great shield for his new wife’. Sehrish’s husband is a youth leader and committed Christian and together the two of them will make a great team with God at the centre of their relationship.

Remember the sister

Farzana the eldest sister has no desire to get married yet. She has continued her vocational training in stitching and it is hoped that sometime in 2017 after taking up a business and entrepreneurial training course, Farzana will initiate her own tailoring business.