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  • Abortion horrors


    A December report by the Care Quality Commission revealed that Marie Stopes, the UK’s biggest abortion group, failed to follow basic safety procedures and the commission reported more than 2,600 serious incidents during 2016.

    Pre-signed forms and inadequately trained nurses were found in clinics. Reports of women not having their questions answered and being pressured into proceeding with abortions were reported at some clinics. The remains of aborted foetuses had been left in an open waste container at another clinic.

  • Carey removed

    The Christian Institute

    A portrait of Lord Carey was removed from the King’s College London campus, seemingly after the university bowed to pressure from LGBT campaigners, it was reported in January.

    Activists had campaigned for the image of the former Archbishop of Canterbury and King’s alumnus to be removed from its ‘wall of fame’ of prestigious graduates, because of his pro-marriage views. In 2013, Lord Carey expressed opposition to the legalisation of same sex marriage. The ‘Orwellian double-think’ of LGBT activists who ‘carry the baton of tolerance’ while attacking Lord Carey has been criticised.