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  • Algeria: Facebook crime

    World Watch Monitor

    A Christian in Algeria was sentenced on 1 August to three years in prison and given a heavy fine for blasphemy against Islam and its prophet for a social media post.

    Slimane Bouhafs, 49, was arrested for posting a message on social media about the light of Jesus overcoming the ‘lie’ of Islam and its prophet. He also published photos showing the execution of a civilian by an Islamist terrorist. His family said the trial was a ‘sham’.

  • China: more imprisoned

    Release International

    Another church leader has been jailed for subversion, it was reported in late August.

    Hu Shigen, an elder of an unregistered church in Jinhua, was sentenced to seven and a half years, accused of damaging national security. He is the latest in a series of lawyers and pastors to be jailed following the roundup of 300 Christians and human-rights activists more than a year ago. Christians and lawyers who mounted legal challenges against moves to tear down crosses from church buildings have faced charges tantamount to espionage.