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  • Belgium: care home fined

    The Christian Institute

    Judges in Belgium fined a Roman Catholic care home for refusing to euthanise a 74year-old woman, it emerged in July.

    The rest home in Diest was ordered to pay €6,000 (£4,545) after it prevented doctors from giving Mariette Buntjens, a lung cancer sufferer, a lethal injection. She died ‘in peaceful surroundings’ at her home a few days later. Labour MP Robert Flello described the judgment as ‘worrying’ and said there is a ‘risk that care homes will now close across Belgium’.

  • DRC: deaths

    Barnabas Fund

    Uniformed men armed with guns and machetes attacked three Christian communities in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo on 5 July.

    They looted homes and stole livestock, killing five women and four men, including a church elder. The attack came only two months after more than 30 Christians were murdered in a similar-style assault in another village. Thousands of people fled the area as a result.