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  • Stem cell breakthrough

    The Christian Institute

    New treatments for osteoporosis and broken bones are in sight after groundbreaking research using ethical stem cells was released in July.

    Researchers at the University of Glasgow and the University of the West of Scotland found that vibrating adult stem cells at low frequency results in them turning into bone cells, which can be implanted in a damaged area to aid repair. It is hoped that the technique could be used to encourage healing within the body, without need of surgery and could be ready for testing within three years.

  • Down’s plea

    Christian Concern/Don’t Screen Us Out

    The campaign group ‘Don’t Screen Us Out’ wrote an open letter to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt in July, asking him to consider the concerns of many regarding new prenatal testing for Down’s syndrome.

    It is thought that the test, if implemented, will lead to an increase of babies who are diagnosed with Down’s syndrome being aborted.