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The Editorial

Spoiling the story

How did your church react to Brexit?

The vote on 23 June to leave the European Union seems to have surprised most people. We voted 52% to 48% to go. The Prime Minister, who had campaigned passionately to stay, stepped down to be replaced by Theresa May. The Labour Party, which had rather languidly encouraged us to stay, went into a leadership civil war. The financial markets swung wildly. I liked the cartoon which summed things up with one person saying to another: ‘Aliens have not landed, Elvis has not been found alive, but everything else has happened!’

John Benton, Editor

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Spirit of unity

On the following Sunday our own congregation was predictably divided on the matter, but we got over it. Some had felt that to come out was too much of a financial risk, would give the wrong impression to foreigners among us and might damage missionary links with Europe. Others, especially the older ones, wanted out because they were worried by the pace of immigration and what they saw as a lack of democracy at the heart of the EU. I think the veiled threats of some EU leaders about how they would treat us if we left backfired and actually worked to the advantage of the Leave Campaign. Saying ‘Stay in this marriage or else!’ is so wrong at so many levels. But despite different views among God’s people, no one fell out. Ultimately of course, we have something more important to unite us. We are privileged to be part of a much bigger kingdom under the benign government of our loving heavenly Father who holds all the political ups and downs of our world in his hands.