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  • Africa: reached

    Fellowship of European Broadcasters (FEB)

    FEBA Radio broadcasts on shortwave to reach listeners across a wide area of the Horn of Africa and shares audio content on micro SD cards that can be played on mobile phones, it was reported in May.

    In partnership with the local church, house groups are run where people listen to the programmes on the SD cards. Currently 96 house groups and more than 700 Christians are meeting in an area where Christian believers are often attacked, churches shut down, preaching forbidden and there is antagonism towards the gospel.

  • Belgium: outnumbered


    Muslims will very soon outnumber practising Christians in Europe, the Belgian Justice Minister claimed in late April.

    Koen Geens told the European Parliament that the continent ‘does not realise this, but this is the reality’. Speaking to Parliament’s Justice and Home Affairs Committee, Mr Geens said that the shift in balance between Christians and Muslims was not because there are too many Muslims, but because ‘Christians are generally less practising’.