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  • Africa: ministry begun

    Fellowship of European Broadcasters (FEB)

    The ship Logos Hope has begun its ministry in Africa, it was reported in March.

    The vision for Africa is to raise up 5,000 African missionaries to reach the continent with the gospel by 2025. Working with OM Africa in each country, Logos Hope aims to be a catalyst to motivate the church and mobilise 1,000 African people into mission during its visit. 2016 will be strategic in making an impact. During the year, Logos Hope plans to visit 20 ports in 15 African countries.

  • Africa: drought


    Churches in eastern and southern Africa in March were appealing for humanitarian aid in the region, as 36 million people grapple with the worst drought in decades.

    Linked to extreme El Nino weather conditions, the drought has hit countries such as Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, Malawi and Zimbabwe, among others. The conditions have reversed normal weather patterns, upsetting people’s livelihoods.