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  • Church registration?

    Christian Concern

    A public consultation over plans to regulate out-of-school activities such as Sunday schools and church youth groups, launched by the Welsh Government, is due to close on April 11.

    The ‘out-of-school education settings’ consultation bears a striking resemblance to similar Westminster proposals, which have been called ‘illiberal’ and ‘statist’ by MPs. Only those who live in Wales can respond to the consultation.

  • New man at Affinity


    On 1 April Graham Nicholls will become the new Director of Affinity, taking over from Peter Milsom who has faithfully led the work for the past six years.

    Graham will combine the role of Director with his responsibilities as one of the ministers of Christ Church, Haywards Heath. He brings experience of pastoral ministry alongside a successful career in the business world.

  • Gender abortion

    Christian Concern

    A doctor who was suspended for offering an abortion to a woman on the grounds of the child’s gender had his ban lifted in late February.

    Dr Palaniappan Rajmohan was recorded by undercover journalists from The Telegraph in 2012, offering to arrange an abortion for a woman because the child was a girl.

  • Not in our name

    Right to Life Monitoring / TCI

    A group of midwives have in late February written a letter to the Royal College of Midwives, opposing the College’s support for the BPAS campaign to abolish all abortion laws and have abortion for any reason up to birth.

    They note that the radical position of the College is supported by only a minority of women and was announced without any consultation of its membership. Midwives, students or maternity support workers can sign the letter available at bit.ly/notinournameuk

  • Magical win


    Steve Price won 2016’s Stage Magician of the Year Competition at the end of February.

    The Christian Magicians group exists to help members present the gospel in an effective and memorable way. Steve’s three winning illusions help to illustrate Jesus coming to earth, his death and resurrection (ripping up and putting back together a newspaper) and putting faith in Jesus.

  • Genocide of Christians

    Bible Society’s Newswatch; Premier

    In early February there were renewed calls for the UK Government to describe the treatment of Christians by IS in the Middle East as genocide.

    The campaign group ADF International wants the UK to follow the European Parliament’s lead, after it unanimously passed a resolution recognising the systematic destruction of religious minorities as genocide.

  • Synod’s priorities?

    Christian Concern

    Attendees at the February General Synod were met with a stall from LGBTI activists within the church; Christian Concern however, had been refused a stand.

    During the Synod, a report on the CofE’s evangelism strategy was presented. It was noted by Andrea Williams that in order to evangelise, clarity of the gospel message is needed.

  • Heartening support

    The Christian Institute (TCI)

    In early February, politicians in Northern Ireland voted 59 to 40 against amending legislation to allow abortion in cases of fatal foetal abnormality and sexual crime.

    Northern Ireland Officer Callum Webster said that the existing law, permitting abortion only when the mother’s life is at risk, is a vital protection for women. Calls were made for improvements in perinatal hospice care provision for babies with very limited life expectancies.