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  • Algeria: vandalised

    Morning Star News

    Unknown ‘thugs’ who wrote a jihadist slogan on a church building in the centre of Tizi-Ouzou, a city on the Algerian coast, on the night of 7 January, looted and damaged the property.

    The assailants vandalised or stole furniture, worship items and money worth about £5,500 from the Light (Tafat) Church during the night, pastor Mustapha Krireche said. The church, which has about 100 members, is surrounded by upmarket houses that would be more profitable for thieves interested solely in material goods and money.

  • Bangladesh: murdered

    Open Doors

    A senior pastor, Khaza Somiruddin (75), was murdered by Islamic fundamentalists on 6 January in Jenaidah.

    Pastor Khaza came to Christ in 2001, started pastoring the One Way Church of Bangladesh in 2014 and throughout his ministry ministered to over 250 believers in the area. He had received several threats from Islamic extremists because of his conversion and evangelistic work. Pastor Khaza’s body was refused a Christian burial and was eventually buried with a Muslim ritual.