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Nigeria: Courageous

There are around 20 million Anglicans in Nigeria and in late September their leaders took a courageous stand against corruption in their own country, politically correct pressure from Western governments, and ‘revisionist theologies’ in the Anglican Communion.

Julian Mann

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Justin Welby

The Standing Committee of the Anglican Church of Nigeria, which included 147 Bishops, 152 clergymen and 68 lay leaders, met at St David’s Cathedral in Ondo State from 21–25 September and issued a communique. It calls on the Nigerian Federal Government to resist politically correct pressure from Western governments to embrace same sex marriage. It also urges all Christians to ‘exercise simple faith and obedience to God for victory by living lives characterised by honesty, truth and integrity’ and on the church to ‘uphold the holiness and righteousness of the living God’.