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Egypt: studios searched

On Saturday 10 October, officers from Egypt’s Censorship Department came to the SAT-7 studios with a search warrant and removed items of equipment, including cameras and computers used for editing.


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SAT-7 studios in action

The office director, Mr Farid Samir, was detained for six hours, but then released. He faces four charges relating to operating a satellite TV channel without the necessary licences, although the SAT-7 Egypt office is a programme production facility and not a satellite broadcast centre for any of the SAT-7 channels.

In police custody

A hearing was held on Sunday 11 October at the Public Prosecutor’s Office, during which it became clear that all the charges are based on a lack of and/or incorrect information. A decision will be taken by the Public Prosecutor concerning whether this case will go to court.

In the meantime, the confiscated equipment remains in police custody and the normal activities of SAT-7 in Egypt are severely disrupted. The work of SAT-7 Egypt is carried out under the legal umbrella of the Coptic Evangelical Church but its services are in support of all the church denominations in Egypt.


Though facing challenges, the SAT-7 team in Egypt remain encouraged by the love and support they have received over this difficult weekend.

They ask for our continued prayers. As Farid Samir wrote on Sunday, they invite us to ‘Please unite with us in prayer so that we can complete our ministry – one based on love and which aims to serve our beloved country [Egypt]’.

Please pray:

• For Farid and his family, that they will know the Lord’s peace and strength at this difficult time.

• That the Public Prosecutor will conclude that there is no case to answer.

• For SAT-7’s team in Egypt as they try to operate without the confiscated equipment. Pray that it will all be returned quickly.