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  • Algeria: demand higher

    Bible Society

    Algeria’s secret believers must hide their faith, but demand for the Bible is higher than ever, it was reported in late August.

    ‘In 11 years I have never received so many requests for Scripture’, says the person who distributes Bible Society’s Bibles and Scripture booklets despite threats from extremists. Although many churches must meet secretly and threats, intimidation and abuse of Christians in society is common, 2,000 new Christians are baptised each year and Bible Society’s aim, funds allowing, is to give each one a Bible.

  • Austria: ‘inhumane’

    Bible Society

    Amnesty International in August dubbed the conditions in Austria’s camp for asylum seekers as ‘inhumane’.

    Almost 5,000 people are housed in the camp in the village of Traiskirchen, about 30 miles outside Vienna. Bible Society of Austria’s Director, Jutta Henner, backed Amnesty International’s statement, calling conditions at the camp ‘shocking’. Bible Society makes Bibles and portions of the Bible available within the camp.