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  • Africa: work resumed

    Africa Christian Textbooks (ACTS)

    Because of generous gifts, it was reported in June, work was resumed on the Africa Bible Commentary Hausa Translation, aiming for a high standard that will effectively and strategically serve the needs of 95 million Hausa speakers.

    The General Editor, Professor Yusufu Turaki, who teaches at Jos ECWA Theological Seminary, estimates that, with God’s help, the work will be completed by the end of September 2015. From there it will go for internal design and final proof reading, with the technical and financial support of Langham Literature.

  • Austria: Bibles for migrants

    Bible Society

    Migrants arriving in Austria from countries such as Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq are being given Bibles by local churches and non-governmental organisations, it was reported in early July.

    They are being distributed to Christians and others who want them at detention centres across the country.