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  • Queen honours King’s daughter

    Church Army

    In early June Church Army evangelist Maureen Greaves was honoured with the British Empire Medal (BEM) as part of the Queen’s Birthday honours.

    Maureen’s husband Alan was murdered on Christmas Eve 2012 as he walked to church to play the organ at the late night Christmas service. At the time of the murderers’ trial she said: ‘It's through God's mercy that I have been able to extend real and true forgiveness,’ adding that she prayed that they would find ‘true repentance’ in jail.

  • CofE decline

    Bible Society (The Guardian)

    As figures published in early June showed that the Church lost 1.7 million worshippers in 2012-14, vicars in rural parishes are being encouraged to find new ways to stay open.

    ‘If you were running the Church nakedly as a business, it would be quite simple – you’d close down the uneconomic branches,’ said Nick Spencer, Research Director of Theos, ‘but the Church takes rightful pride in being a presence in every community in the country. That is the big challenge it faces.’