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  • Albania: headway

    Fellowship of European Broadcasters

    The gospel is slowly making headway in Albania, it was reported in March.

    Last year, Hervin Fushekati received permission for The International School of Theology and Leadership (ISTL) to run the first Theology Masters course in Albania. Further info: www.transformeuropenow.org

  • China: sentenced

    All-Party Parliamentary Groups

    Chinese preacher Huang Yizi, who opposed an ‘anti-church’ demolition in which 400 places of worship were partially or completely destroyed during a 12-month campaign, has been jailed, the Telegraph reported in late March.

    Mr Huang has been sentenced to prison for one year for ‘gathering crowds to disturb social order’, a claim which his supporters say has been ‘trumped up’. The demolitions were carried out despite an alleged internal order from the central government to stop the demolition of places of worship in the region.