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Real Lives in Cambridge

In the week running up to Easter, a series of events entitled Real Lives, Real Life was held at St Andrew the Great in Cambridge.

Nathan Buttery

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St Andrew’s vicar, Alasdair Paine

The aim was to present the good news of Jesus Christ as clearly and as engagingly as possible to the people of Cambridge. To help in this task, Roger Carswell, the evangelist from Leeds, was the main speaker. On each evening from Monday through to Friday, Roger interviewed a person in depth about how they became a Christian and then spoke from Luke’s Gospel bringing out different aspects of the Christian faith. The range of interviews attracted good numbers of people, with encouraging reports of many wanting to find out more. The interviewees included a former terrorist, a local surgeon from a Hindu background, a journalist, a lecturer in philosophy and ethics, and a senior academic in the University of Cambridge.