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  • Back to school

    Christian Today

    The Church of England is to send its trainee clergy on science courses to ensure they understand the modern world properly, it was reported in March.

    The Church launched a three-year £700,000 Durham University project to improve its relationship with the world of science. The biologist Richard Dawkins is among the many leading contemporary scientists who have led the charge against faith as not credible and even delusional.

  • Dawkins chaplains?

    The Christian Institute

    Hospitals may have to provide atheist chaplains, according to NHS guidelines published in early March.

    The guidance uses the term ‘chaplain’ to refer to ‘non-religious pastoral and spiritual care providers’, and claims that patients’ experiences are ‘enhanced by ensuring either religious or non-religious pastoral support is available’. The guidance takes into account the Equality Act 2010, which says ‘religion includes a reference to a lack of religion’.