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  • Outbid in Canterbury

    David Longley

    Emmanuel Church Canterbury (see January en) was outbid in an auction for a redundant chapel.

    Despite the disappointment, the church family has seen the Lord at work within it, bringing a great sense of unity, seeing very generous giving, and bringing together a team of ‘professionals’ from both within and outside the church to work on the acquisition of a property. They plan to work together to this end in the months ahead.

  • Aberystwyth: Bibles kept

    Bible Society

    After it emerged that Aberystwyth Student’s Union planned to vote on removing Bibles from student’s rooms, the university issued a statement in February stating they had no plans to remove the Bibles.

    ‘For many years Aberystwyth University has been receiving copies of the Bible to place in rooms in halls of residence. The Students’ Union have not contacted the university to request that this arrangement be changed, [therefore] Aberystwyth University will continue to place … Bibles in halls of residence’.