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Who will you vote for?

CARE (Christian Action Research and Education) launched in January a new election website www.engaGE15.org.uk which aims to support Christians as they choose for whom to vote in the 7 May general election.


CARE believes the Christian vote will matter more than ever at this election, especially as the opinion polls continually show how close the election is going to be. They believe how Christians vote and in what numbers will have a significant bearing on the overall result. A spokesperson for CARE said: ‘Christians are especially concerned about traditional marriage and the protection of the family, and issues such as human trafficking and assisted suicide so CARE’s new website will provide up-to-date resources to help the Church engage with these topics. The site has a database of MPs voting habits, dynamic video content and a regularly updated election blog, as well as a hustings guide and a guide to chairing a hustings’.