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Will we support the most persecuted?

Christianity is the most widely persecuted faith worldwide and 4/5ths of this persecution is at the hands of Muslim jihadists. Islam in its final, prophetic, 15th century is taking a more confrontational and supremacist attitude to other faiths.

Chris Sugden

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Desmond Swayne | image: wikipedia

Persecuted Christians face significant challenges. A flyer for a conference in April facilitated by the Oxford Centre for Religion and Public Life poses the following options. ‘Should they move or stay (Middle East)? Should they suffer in silence, resist or even retaliate (Nigeria)? Should they rely on “world opinion” and “the international community” or take matters into their own hands? What are their options of self defence? What is the difference between being prepared for martyrdom or for genocide? How should the Church respond to the violence that intends to uproot whole Christian communities from their homelands?’