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  • CAR: awards

    World Watch Monitor

    On 13 November, three top religious leaders of the Central African Republic were awarded a prize for their efforts for peace in the war-torn Central African Republic.

    In the midst of the country's two years of violence, often portrayed as confessional conflict, the three clerics formed a joint platform to promote peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims. Their message: violence in CAR is not primarily caused by religious conflict; instead, the root of the conflict lies in the struggle for political power.

  • China: on air

    Fellowship of European Broadcasters

    A media project taking the gospel to more than 92 million people in China went on-air in early November.

    In each of the 15 languages included in the project, 60 programmes will be offered featuring a dramatisation of one of Jesus’s miracles, an explanation of how to accept Christ as Saviour, indigenous music and prayer. An ‘orality’ approach is being used because many of the groups live in rural areas and favour oral learning.