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Christmas radio

A radio station has been launched that plays nothing but traditional Christmas carols and Bible thoughts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Alan Wenham

Figure Image
Ben Vane with his sister Emma

Christmas Carols Radio was founded by Ben Vane, a former radio producer, who is now an ordinand training for the Church of England. He said: ‘For years I’ve been wrestling with how we might attract non-Christians to engage with media that communicates the gospel. And then it hit me. The one time non-Christians do engage with the Christian message is at Christmas.’

Having worked as a producer for Capital and Heart FM, Ben set up the station after three years of planning, with his sister, Emma Vane – a professional voice artist and actress who works in radio and television.

The station plays traditional Christmas music, sung by choirs and soloists, with reflections on the Gospels written by Ben .

Christmas Carols Radio can be listened to free of charge at christmascarolsradio.org and through mobile phone ‘apps’ available from the website.